Now your car can call for help, even when you can't


VehSmart Delivers Peace of Mind

1. Customer Service 24/7/36: You can choose how you prefer to get assistance when you need it. Access a comphensive help menu which will answer the majority of all common questions and concerns. You can e-mail customer support 24/7 for a quick response to any issues or concerns. You can also speak to a live Customer Support Repsentative.

2. Internet Account Access: You can access your account through the Internet, smart phone and other Internet-enabled devices.

3. Unlimited On Demand Locates: An on-demand locate allows customers to find the current location of their vehicle.

4. Personalized Safety Zones: A safety zone or virtual boundary can be set around a selected location. When the vehicle enters or leaves an active safety zone, alerts will be sent via e-mail and/or text message.

5. Impact Notification: The Emergency Call Center is immediately notified in a frontal collision. A Call Center repsentative will contact the vehicle's driver to see if emergency services are required.  In the event the driver does not respond, emergency services will be dispatched.

6. Customer Alerts / Service Codes: Receive immediate notification of any of the pset alert notifications via e-mail, text or both. You will receive immediate notification if your vehicle is in need of immediate service and non-critical service.  Additional alerts include:

  • Teen Driver Alerts: Set excessive speed notifications, excessive acceleration or braking, boundary restrictions and monitor teen driving habits to help keep them safe and make them better drivers down the road.
  • Low-Battery Voltage Notification: You'll be notified when your vehicle's battery drops below 11.8 volts, eliminating the surprise, inconvenience and personal safety risks associated with a dead battery.
  • Low-Fuel Level Notification: Get notified when your vehicle's fuel level is low, reducing the possibility of running out of gas.
  • Tow Alert: You will never be surprised again if your vehicle is towed away.  Whether it is by parking enforcement or theft, you will know iimmediately if your vehicle is moved.

7. Theft Recovery: Your vehicle can be quickly recovered in the event of theft using the GPS and cellular tracking capabilities.

Roadside Assistance

Expanded Roadside Assistance is included in your subscription.

  • Unlimited Calls (many clubs limit calls to 4 per year)
  • Up to 150 Miles Towing to Selling Dealership (50 mile limit to other repair facilities)
  • Emergency Transportation
  • Lockout Service
  • Out of Gas
  • Battery Service

Concierge Services Customers will appciate the convenience and benefits of the Concierge Service.

  • Turn-by-Turn Directions
  • Locate Businesses
  • Locate Restaurants & Hotels
  • Make Reservations
  • Real-Time Traffic Updates

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