Planet Ford Advantage Plan

Quantum Appearance Package

  • Exterior Sealant permanently bonds to the vehicle’s paint & guarantees against exterior damage caused by acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and insects;
  • Interior sealant protects your vehicle’s seats and carpet from stains caused by food products, soft drinks, makeup, crayons, bubble gum, etc.;
  • Protects your vehicle’s great looks and resale value
  • Provides coverage not available from the factory; and
  • Includes a three-year limited guarantee.*

Diamon-Fusion Windshield Treatment

  • Windshield coating seals the microscopic ridges and valleys in the glass to better protect against minor chips and cracks;
  • Helps prevent bugs and grime from sticking to the windshield;
  • Provides better visibility in inclement weather;
  • Reduces night glare;
  • Includes a one-year guarantee against road hazard damage to your windshield.*

Trace DNA Ultra Violet (UV) Fluorescent Labeling

  • Texas ranks second in the U.S. for vehicle theft, so Planet Ford uses UV marking labels as a countermeasure to vehicle theft. The doors, hood and trunk lid are permanently marked with UV labels making your vehicle less attractive to thieves. This may also entitle you to an auto insurance premium discount.
  • Includes a limited five-year guarantee with $5,000 benefit should your vehicle be stolen and not recovered in 30-days.*
*See Dealer for Details