Turning in Your Lease

With a Red Carpet Lease, you have the option of purchasing or returning your vehicle at lease-end. Below are some helpful guides to returning your vehicle to Planet Ford and if you have any additional questions regarding this, please ask for *Noel Prout* or *James Haba* at 281.719.3700.

Returning Your Lease

Click here for a checklist that will ensure your return is as smooth and convenient as possible.

Vehicle Inspection Information

Noel or James will conduct a vehicle inspection near the end of your Red Carpet Lease. Click here for a check list and more information on the inspection process.

What is Considered Excess Wear and Use?

Your lease vehicle is expected to be returned in good condition. However, Ford Credit allows for normal wear and use. To help avoid any Excess Wear and Use charges, we recommend necessary repairs be made prior to your vehicle return. These would include broken or missing parts, insufficient or poor quality repairs, mechanical or electrical malfunctions or tires that are not an appropriate match for the vehicle.
Some vehicle damage otherwise considered Excess Wear and Use may be covered by your vehicle insurance. Be sure to allow sufficient time for claim processing and repairs before you return your vehicle.

Ford Wear and Use Evaluator Card

Click here for a guide to what is considered normal or excessive wear, as well as useful guidelines to aid inspection of your vehicle’s condition. This might help you avoid lease-end charges.

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